Brocade is a registered trademark of CIPAL. In South Africa, it is known as SLIMS, short for SITA Library Information Management System.

SLIMS is a fully integrated web-based Library Information Management System, developed by the Belgian University of Antwerp and commercialized by CIPAL and SITA. It offers library and archival institutions a complete suite of applications. SLIMS is available anywhere and anytime on standard browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera and Chrome. It does not require the installation of specific clients.

Using the Online Help

This online help is designed to assist with maximizing your SLIMS usage. You can search for specific processes, individual keywords or fields. The topics, being context sensitive, will immediately redirect you to the relevant topic when clicking the help button 8H.

The following functions are available:

A table of contents, divided by category;

An alphabetically organized index;

A search function.

Opening the Online Help

To access the online help from SLIMS, click the help button 8H at the top of the screen. The online help will appear.

Depending on the browser you are using, the online help will appear in a new window or a new tab in your current session. Should the online help open in a tab, you can drag it to a new window. Resizing is now possible and you can use SLIMS and the online help at the same time.

Looking Through the Table of Contents

To look for information or a specific topic in the table of contents, follow these steps:

1.Go to the panel at the left side of the page.

2.Select one of the icons. Topics related to that subject will appear.

3.Select the required topic from the drop-down menu.
The page will appear on the right side of the screen:


Looking Through the Index

To look for information in the index, follow these steps:

1.Go to the Keyword Index tab.

2.When looking for a keyword, there are two options:

a.Pick a letter from the alphabet and scroll through the index;

b.Type a word in the Search field and click the Search Index button.

3.Select the keyword you want to review. There are two options:

a.If the keyword only appears on one page, this page will display immediately;

b.If the keyword exists in several topics, a menu will appear from which you will have to select the relevant page.

Introduction 3

The Search Function

To search for information on a specific topic, follow these steps:

1.Go to the Search tab.

2.Fill in the keyword(s) that you want to look for.

3.To change the number of displayed results, select the appropriate number in the menu next to Results per page.

4.Select whether all the provided search words need to appear on the page:

a.If all the keywords do not have to appear on the page, check the radio button before Any search words;

b.If all the keywords need to appear on the page, select the radio button before All search words.

5.Click 3S.

6.The list with search results will be displayed.
Select the page of your choice:

Introduction 2